Covering the substantial

Sorry this is late, the end of the school year and this upcoming road trip made writing a little slow. That being said, this show was not one we could just not post about.

Hurray for the Riff Raff is a socially aware band that is not afraid to create music in support of issues they feel are important. Having a tiny yet powerful presence behind the mic, fully bidding her guitar to her will makes this daunting task a little more attainable. Alynda Lee Segarra can do that. She is becoming known for voice, songwriting and persona, especially when you think of the spectrum of what she does. Hearing her speak on WFPK about her other interests, like writing about things she believes in, is something that really stands out. She spoke about the role that people in positions like artists and musicians should have when it comes to advocating for topics they’re passionate about. In the past, musicians really used their music as a platform to speak out for current issues (i.e. the big guys: Dylan, Lennon, etc…). I appreciate her understanding that as an artist, she has the ability to bring to light things that are significant today.

Now it may not ultimately be HFTRR‘s goal to be mainstream, but their sound and Alynda’s presence is certainly going to stand out. A friend who joined us for the concert on a whim recognized her from seeing them at the Ohio River Throwdown this past September. The Headliners crowd a few Fridays ago was not the biggest the venue has ever seen, but the group there was certainly in tune with what Hurray for the Riff Raff is aiming to do.


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