Proof that energy is contagious

It has been researched and proven that the energy of one person can drive the energy of an entire group – this is my sports psychologist coming out. The experience of a J Roddy show backs that up pretty clearly. With his over-the-top antics on the keys, enviable locks and the combined effect they have, any crowd will be pulled into their set. Headliners, Production Simple and WFPK clearly understand that magnetism, as J Roddy Walston and The Business were in town for two nights. And anytime that Sean Cannon graces the stage to get the crowd going with bear gloves and a cold beer, you know its going to be good one.

There must be insurance premium on J Roddy Walston’s head. The man who is known for his intense pounding of the keys never fails to disappoint – the ferocity of his playing is really something else seeing it in person. Our first experience with J Roddy and his band, The Business, was at their 2013 Waterfront Wednesday set. We were impressed as hell by what the guys brought to the table. They all work very well together, and even though J Roddy is clearly the centerpiece of their show, Billy Gordon, Logan Davis, and Steve Colmus all draw your eyes to them at points, too. They each have curious voices that could stand alone but are much better when in collaboration.

Throughout the evening, it was very apparent the audience knew the words and was loving every song , especially the group up front to the right of the stage. That area of the crowd was rowdy and moving the entire set – I’m sure they ended up just as sweaty as the band. We didn’t go to Saturday night’s show, so I would be curious to see what the set list comparison was, because they seemed to be playing a lot of popular ones Friday night.  This meant everyone (not just those mega-fans) was able to jam. I think that their two night stint cemented at least one thing:  Louisville will show out for J Roddy and the Business.


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