Sweetly serenaded by Bahamas and Field Report

Normally we’re able to sneak around through the cracks in the crowd to get a front or second row spot at Zanzabar. The Field Report and Bahamas show last weekend proved otherwise though, as everyone in the sold out crowd wanted to be as close to stage as possible. Few opening bands that we’ve seen at Zbar have had as many people in attendance as Milwaukee-based Field Report, which was awesome for them. I was surprised to hear just Christopher Porterfield (the band’s name is a clever anagram) and his guitar, but the stripped down show was enjoyed by all.

Bahamas followed next, drawing in all listeners even closer, if that’s possible. I’d only ever listened to a few of their hits that had been featured on WFPK, but found myself easily swaying to the rest of the tunes. Of course, “All the Time” was hugely popular with the crowd. Bahamas fits in well so far with the other artists on Brushfire Records label, including Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, and alumni artist Donovan Frankenreiter. I’ll keep my ears out for what Afie’s got in store next.


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