Taking it back to the beginning with Little Dragon

Do502 is a brand new Louisville social website that lists the daily happenings around town from comedy, to karaoke, to live music and pretty much everything in between.  The founder happens to be a member of the workout boot camp that we attend, and when he asked if anyone wanted free tickets to Little Dragon at Mercury Ballroom, I of course jumped on the invitation.  When I first saw that Little Dragon was coming to Louisville a couple months ago, I immediately recognized the name but couldn’t pin point how or why.  It wasn’t until literally 45 minutes before the show that I figured out how I knew their work- Grey’s Anatomy back in the day.  Now some people would not admit to such a pop-culture reference, but I am not ashamed  by my Grey’s Anatomy beginnings.  Truthfully, the Grey’s Anatomy playlist was a central figure in the development of my musical taste outside the “Top 100” back when I was in high school.  I was first introduced to bands like Rilo Kiley, Tegan and Sara, Kate Earl, Iron & Wine, Joe Purdy, Metric, Kate Havnevik, Amos Lee, the list goes on and on, simply because they were on the show that I watched week in, week out.  That being said, once I made the connection, I got a little more excited for their performance.  The show was pretty entertaining and I was entranced watching  Yukimi Nagano do her thing.  Unfortunately, they were on for barely more than an hour and a lot of the crowd was not as interested as I was (there were lots of side conversations).  Nevertheless, I got a tickle when they played “Twice” and it took me back to freshmen year of college.  So thanks again to Do502 for the tickets and everyone should check the website out.  I have made my own page and have been playing around with its features.   I have a feeling this is going to be an incredibly useful site in feeding our live music addiction.  ​


Little Dragon at The Mercury Ballroom
Little Dragon at The Mercury Ballroom
Little Dragon at The Mercury Ballroom
Little Dragon at The Mercury Ballroom

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