Forecastle Preview 2019

Suppppppp bitches, we back! And we have that Forecastle Can’t Miss good-good you’ve been looking for!


Another Forecastle is upon us, and once again, many Louisville favorites (i.e. The Avett Bros, Tyler Childers, Cold War Kids, Moon Taxi, Portugal. the Man, Dawes, Andrew Bird, etc…) are on the bill. However, if you’re feeling adventurous (as you should) we have a few suggestions to add to your weekend schedule, just to, you know, spice things up a bit. As always, have fun but don’t forget to hydrate and use sunscreen, kids! See you out there!

While doing some lineup preview listening, Leikeli47’s songs were the ones that I most often had to stop and look and be like “wait, who is that, again?” Upon reflection, I realized she was ALLLLLL over the phenomenal soundtrack for HBO’s Insecure. Bring your “Girl Blunt” and let’s hang, ya’ll.

  • Jungle (Friday @ 8:30pm, Ocean Stage)

Britt first found Jungle on a trip to NYC in 2014, when she came back raving about their fun live show and REAL catchy, bumping songs. She got their first, self-titled album that year for Christmas, and it got played heavily. They’ve since released another album, For Ever, and have been touring, gaining fans everywhere they go. The Ocean Stage should be packed and MOVING tonight, as their music is impossible not to dance to.  Also, might I suggest you play them for your Friday pregame?

PJ Morton has so much history in the music business. His dad is a legit gospel singer and he toured as a keyboardist with Maroon 5 for many years. Even with that epic past, PJ Morton has his own things going on, including Grammy noms and cool collaborations. All of his recorded music have deep ties to his hometown of New Orleans (see albums titled New Orleans and Gumbo,) which is that little pinch of paprika that should get you down to the festival early on Saturday. 

There is casually a lot of funky-soul on this year’s lineup, and the Marias put an indie dream twist on it. Lead singer, Maria, has a voice that is delicate yet seductive as shit, and will make you forget it is 93 degrees out. Grab a cool bev and head to the shade of the Ocean Stage, but be ready to create your own breeze, swaying to The Marias. 

Cautious Clay was a late add to the lineup (when Calpurnia had to drop out) but is someone that you should make sure is on your schedule. Josh Karpeh is a mad talented artist, giving off a lot of Sampha, Frank Ocean vibes, and he plays the flute!!! I’ve tried to start social media movement to bring him and Lizzo together, but it hasn’t picked up momentum yet. He has a brand new EP out, Table of Context, that has been at the top of my Spotify playlist since its release. Seriously, check him out, you won’t be disappointed. 

  • All the local artists, duh!!!!
    • Bblasian (Saturday @ 1:30pm, Ocean Stage)

This young local rapper is known well in town, especially by the under 18 population who seem to know every word to his songs. He is looking to really break out of the city, so it is worth it to see him now!

Bendigo Fletcher exudes a lot of the weird, cool Louisville-ness that we all love about our city. 

    • GRLwood (Friday @ 3:30pm, WFPK Port Stage)

These loud and proud people are making a wave in Louisville and beyond. Their music has a strong message that they are going to unabashedly slap you with – we are here for it. 

Teddy’s Forecastle sets are always on our can’t miss, because what he pulls off is truly a one-time-only experience. He’s got the connections and always brings together an unimaginable group of musicians to make his time slot something we plebs can’t fathom. Seriously, it is so cool that he represents our city. 

This lady has pipes, plain and simple. Need some soothing Sunday reviving? She’s got you taken care of. 

    • BoA (Sunday @ 7:30pm, WFPK Port Stage)

These kids have that dirty-garage-indie-rock bit down pat. They have been so excited to make this year’s lineup, and I’m confident that exuberance will be showcased during their set. Don’t miss em!

Um, first I love the name. Second, it sounds like this Louisville product is owning his millenialism. He is opening up the festival today, so why not start your weekend early and get down to the Waterfront!

    • If the Party Cove is your swag, go check out these local artists playing the boat over the course of the weekend –> Platinum with 2026, GlitterTitzHI-DEFHAEMATIC, The Family Blieden, DJ Z-NyceOK DeejaysSam Sneed, and OVOOG.

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