2018 Forecastle Awards – Friday

Beaver and Aubrey somehow convinced Brittany to keep rolling with this awards type review… so here are our day one Forecastle awards.

Photos: Unsung Hero Media // Brandon S. Turner

The Greatest Showman Part 2 Award – Father John Misty

FJM is no Brandon Flowers, by any means, but he definitely is still a showman. Josh Tillman put on quite a set. His arrogant and peculiar demeanor was on full display from the start. He stopped the set twice, once to denounce beach balls, who hit nice people, and second for some unknown emergency in the crowd. He strutted and flailed wildly around the stage like a preacher working his congregation, ultimately sweating through his fancy blouse and jacket.

Best Show – Modest Mouse

We will admit, we weren’t initially thrilled about Modest Mouse as the Friday night headliner… they’ve been in town at least 4 times in the past 4 years. That being said, Modest Mouse put on another great show in Louisville. The weather finally cooled off, giving way to some more aggressive dancing, and we sang/mumbled along to every song. Isaac Brock and his crew of musicians worked very hard – seriously, Brock was soooooooo sweaty – and this night one crowd loved it. And, special shout out to old percussion man, who might have stolen the show!

Dad Music Award – Kurt Vile and The Violators

We enjoyed a bomb ass crepe from La Chandeleur food truck right by the Boom Stage for the first part of Vile’s set. (Yes, that’s a huge plug for these folks.) After refueling however, we were able to maneuver pretty far into the crowd for some prime viewing and were greeted with lots of phone clips, cigars and Hawaiian shirts. To your left were the dads spilling a little beer with each chuckle and to the right was dancing dad, who had all the young kids staring. Each were so pleased by Vile’s rock and roll performance. Beav had to text his own dad, who was pretty jealous of us.


They’ve Arrived Award – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

From the Zanzabar Stage to the Mast Stage at Forecastle, RKS has made it. Even the peak heat time couldn’t keep people away. Their set saw the first large crowd of the weekend, and the band was pretty floored by it. The energy transfer between crowd and Sam Melo was insane – he flew all over that stage, literally collapsing to the ground at one point. Fans seem enthralled by their style, performance and sound, which was unlike anything else we saw day one.

Avengers Award – Teddy Abrams

Just an FYI, Teddy is going to get this award daily, because what he has done with the WFPK Port Stage is truly amazing. Night one included some of Louisville’s youngest performers (The Louisville Leopard Percussionists,) Wax Fang and Carly Johnson. As always, Wax Fang sounded great and were just fun. We especially loved the appearance from Lacey Guthrie of Twin Limb – whatever they did sounded great! The evening ended with Teddy and Carly showing the fuck out. If people weren’t aware of their talent, now you are. You can’t help but admire Teddy’s ability to bring together so many local artists in this type of showcase. We are really hyped for the West Louisville Showcase and Forecastle Symphony tonight. Check back in for details on that tomorrow.

Other notes:

Beaver’s shirt was a hit. (Side note, we all have this shirt, but Beav decided to wear it day 1.) Seriously, he had so many folks commenting on it. Bevin was not at Forecastle because he was at home listening to Nickelback, that effing idiot. Also, if you want this shirt, support Cincy Shirts and buy one here!


All the children congregate under the overpass between the Party Cove and Ocean Stage, so steer clear of that if you can. I almost lost an eardrum from screaming teens.


-Aubrey, Brittany and Beaver

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