Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: January 29 – February 4

Wednesday (1/31) – 

GoodFOLK Writers Round: Leigh Ann Yost, Denny Wheatley, Pat Younger

Thursday (2/1) – 

Mayor’s Music Series – Zack Stefanski

Zack Stefanski sounds like a pretty cool, introspective dude. He kept his most recent album Portland close to the chest during production, not letting anyone listen until its release in December 2017. This show at Metro Hall gives you the chance to get up close and personal with Zack while you enjoy your Thursday lunch hour.

Ampline with Vibrolas and Dud

The Ark Band pays tribute to Bob Marley, with PMA Sound

What better way to escape midwinter blues than to jam along with a Bob Marley tribute?

Friday (2/2) – 

Frederick The Younger & BRENDA

Louisville Is For Lovers: Valentine’s Compilation is about to be released, so FTY & BRENDA are putting on an in-store performance at Guestroom. The best part is that since this is from 7-9, you can still have time for another show and/or other Friday night plans!

Kap Slap with Lancelott

DJ/producer Kap Slap is best known for his mashups, especially of 2017’s top hits. If you’re looking for a fun dance party, this should be your spot.

Run For Help album release/going away show

Sounds like this will be the one of the last shows for both Phourist & The Photons and Stuart Wicke Band…maybe, ever? Don’t miss it.


Saturday (2/3) – 

Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider is known as one of Austin’s most celebrated musicians. The man has released a dozen albums over the course of his career, and was the lead singer of Ugly Americans. Louisville has always shown love for the musician. The KCD Theater should be a pretty sweet spot to catch him this time around.

C2 & The Brothers Reed, Sound Company, Hero Jr.

Lackluster, Monsieur Venus, Doctor Girlfriend

Yamato – The Drummers of Japan

Are you ready for this?! Guys, Yamato tours for 6-10 months EVERY YEAR and has done so since 1993. The photos from previous performances look stellar.

In This Moment

LA metal band In This Moment is rolling through town, stopping at Mercury Ballroom for the evening.

Sunday (2/4) – 

A Deer A Horse, GRLwood, Bathroom Laws, Tramp

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