The Lone Bellow returns to HDL

We were quite surprised that this Headliners show was not sold out. Louisville has always loved The Lone Bellow, so the undersold show seemed odd. Even so, it was a pretty decent sized crowd and everyone definitely already knew and loved this band.

Why, you ask? They are just so freaking fun. The energy, pure joy and love is felt every time we see them…and that very well might be 8 times now. They work so hard and pour their soul out in their performance. That energy is contagious and carries into any crowd.

The Lone Bellow has undergone some change since their last album. They have relocated, add spouses and children to the mix, and have a brand new album to share. Zach Williams’ children and Kanene and Jason Pipkin’s son are on the road with them and were at the show. Like literally we saw a Instagram story that they were all playing and running around Headliners during sound check this afternoon. The moment of the night was when Zach’s daughter came up to take the mike with him for “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold.” Everyone shared a collective AWWWW as the father/daughter pair shared a lowered microphone.

We took a couple of The Lone Bellow noobs with us and, you guessed it: they had a ball. We may change, they may change, but our experience with their live shows and music will not.


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