Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: October 8 – 14

Sunday (10/8) – 

Electric Six

Formally known as the Wildbunch, is very unique, to say the least. They’re music consists of titles of in-your-face songs, such as “Gay Bar” and “Down at McDonaldz.” They combine elements of funk, metal, and other genres to develop their sound.

Issues – Headspace Tour

Sundays are usually this loud and bumping, but I mean Monday is a holiday right? You better be ready to bang in the pit.

Big Rock Jazz & Blues Fest

The Olmsted Parks Conservancy and Cherokee Park host this free music festival.

The Simon & Garfunkel Story

Original Simon and Garfunkel footage is paired with a live band playing the hits. It was much loved in the UK, selling out all the time.

Monday (10/9) – 

Head for the Hills

This progressive bluegrass band has a new album, Potions and Poisons, that continues to stretch the boundaries of traditional bluegrass.

Tuesday (10/10) – 

Beats Antique: Shadowbox Tour

This trio comprised of David Satori, Sidecar Tommy Cappel, and Zoe Jakes is bringing sounds from all over the world. The band members come from eclectic backgrounds that allow them to bring different elements into their music. Their sound is creative, funky, and definitely something you’ve never heard. Come check them out this Tuesday night.

Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Kitchen Dwellers, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys

You need a little pick me up? This is it. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is here to party this Tuesday night with their folk rock and bluegrass jams. This band is all about good times, good music, and good people. Come hear their sound that “doesn’t lend itself well to categories or boundaries.” Accompanied by two other bands that will be sure to bring out the best vibes, headliners is the place to be Tuesday night.

Wheeler Walker Jr., Tim Montana & The Shrednecks

The Lexington native is in his home state for a string of shows he expects to sell the heck out of. His latest album has cracked the top ten on indie, country, and comedy (#1!) charts.

Wednesday (10/11) – 

Toadies, Local H

Coming back from the 90s after band breakups, lost music, and everything in between, Toadies is back to rock the stage at Mercury Ballroom. Their hit “Possum Kingdom” never left the charts and has kept fans wanting more. Come hear this, as well as their other hits this Wednesday night. Their newest release, The Lower Side of Uptown, has their classic sound and will fill Mercury Ballroom.

Bit Brigade

Video games + music. We’ve caught one before and it is entertaining. They’ll be playing Mega Man II.

Curren$y, Kent Jones, Corner Boy, T.Y., Made Groceries

We haven’t been to Diamonds for a show in a long time. This hip-hop centric night could be fun way to get through hump day.

Thursday (10/12) – 

Grails, Anwar Sadat

Grails are an instrumental experimental rock band, so expect to hear some fascinating stuff. With this band, the music and the composition does the talking, rather than a lead vocalist. This band manages to incorporate a multitude of different sounds and emotions into their music without singing a single word. Come experience the magic of letting the music do the talking and step into the psychedelic world of Grails.

Oginalii, Sam Humans

Psychy, dreamy loops all night at The Cure Lounge.

Friday (10/13) – 

Willie Watson, Suzanne Santo of honeyhoney

Willie is just like the nicest guy around. His newest album is very aptly named. Drawing inspiration from the folk sound of Bob Dylan, Watson is a man of many musical talents, including guitar, banjo, and harmonica. His music is old fashioned American folk that make everyone want to snap their fingers and sing along. Female vocalist from the band Honeyhoney, Suzanna Santo, accompanies Watson on this night full of folk sounds.

EmiSunshine & The Rain

This young and talented country musician has gotten a lot of attention in her 13 years.

Howell Dawdy’s Karaoke Roulette

Howell Dawdy’s famous karaoke / roulette/ taco extravaganza is back!

Howell Dawdy's Karaoke Roulette at Zanzabar

The Belknap Fall Festival

Goodness, we love fall festivals. This was one of the first local festivals we went to when we first moved here. It will always hold a special place for us. ☺

You’re The Wurst Too Sausage Party

A sausage party in Butchertown? Could it get any better?


Saturday (10/14) – 

TLRS: Young Heirlooms w/Villa Mure

We love Dusty and The Living Room Series. Young Heirlooms are some impressive Cincinnati storytellers that are worth your time. Dusty hasn’t revealed what he will be cooking up for us, but you know it will be delish.

Pinback Autumn of the Seraphs 10th Anniversary Tour with Paper Mice

This modern, indie pop band reminds us of all of our favorite indie bands that thrived during the 90s. Album by album, they have displayed their variety in sound and continue adding onto their list of sounds. Come hear their wide range of songs, see what they’re about, and join them in celebrating the 10th anniversary of their fourth studio and highest charting album, Autumn of the Seraphs.

Josh Turner

The Palace plays hosts to this cute lil country crooner. His latest album, Deep South, will likely be the focus of the evening. Josh Turner, most popularly known for his deep country voice, and hit singles “Your Man” and “Hometown Girl” is returning to Louisville to bring a smile to everyone’s face. His voice is undeniable on the radio, and even better quality when heard live.

Garvin Gate Blues Festival

This annual Blues festival has been around for a minute. This year’s edition includes Andrew Alli & The Mainline, Frank Bang and The Cook County Kings, Tweed Funk, and Tony O with Zora Young.

New Bravado, Parallel Colors, Disparager, Together in Dust

Together in Dust, an Evansville band, is stopping by Louisville to grace us with a heavy mix of indie rock and spoken word. Supporting are a slew of Louisville bands. New Bravado has new music for us, too: “expanding on their big rhythm, fuzzed/delayed guitar, verbed vocal sound, New Bravado’s follow up LP Sun and Moon answers the question, ‘Where are they going?'”

Space Jesus: Morphed Tour with Esseks and Digital Ethos

Space Jesus does have long hair like the holy one, other than that… I’m not sure the comparison really sticks? He plays electronic music like a G though.

Chuck Mosley – Reintroduce Yourself Tour

The Cure Lounge hosts the Re-Introduce Yourself Tour featuring former Faith No More, Bad Brains & Cement lead singer Chuck Mosley.

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