Middle Waves Special Preview (Take 2)

We are headed north to Aubrey’s hometown for another round of Middle Waves. Even with the saturated festival scene, this local event shines, especially for Fort Wayne. It is small but very deliberate. The day has a range of music from punk to garage to pop to electronic and will keep all music fans happy. Plus, Irma is gonna be long gone and the weather is going to be hella nice.

We came up for the first edition last year and were impressed not only by the lineup, but the grounds, the art, the people, the whole gig. Fort Wayne is excited about round 2, and so are we!

Here are some of the sets we are especially excited about:


I mean, they were a staple in all of our playlists back in the day. If you were in high school or college at all during the early-mid 2000’s you jammed to MGMT. How could we not be excited about them?

Diarrhea Planet

This last minute add is always going to be on our radar. Love these Nashville guys.

Shannon and The Clams

The name is interesting, first. Second, they combine multiple genres of music in their craft, including doo-wop and surf.

The Lemon Twigs

The buzz around this band is loud. When I heard their recorded stuff I totally got it. That being said, I think I’m more excited to hear this produced live.

Flint Eastwood

I watched her snap takeover of Lolla where she showed the world her super tight church turned recording studio in the heart of Detroit. I like this chick already. And “Queen” is my jam.

Mike Adams

This guy is from Bloomington and will be at Zbar the night before his Middle Waves set.

Sleeping Bag

So they’re also from Bloomington and although I don’t quite understand the name (can’t we do better???) I like what I’m hearing. We will be downtown early to catch this band.

Sidewalk Chalk

This suppppper late add is so exciting! Seriously Fort Wayne fucking loves this Chicago band (I was at their Brass Rail show this summer and it was lit!)

I didn’t make this playlist, but it is a solid representation of what we’ll be hearing this weekend. Yeah, College Gameday is in town, but this is more our speed anyway. GO CARDS, though.

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