The Shake Day 1


I think we’ve been pretty obvious about our love for this festival. So far, this year is reaffirming this adoration.

Here are some of our day 1 takeaways:

The space

Downsizing to three stages in one confined area was a major win. Everything is incredibly accessible and easy to walk (+ no more shaky bridge of death…YASSSS). Even with the more densely packed grounds, we didn’t wait for beer or toilets (and we found the pristine ones!) and everyone was just packed in a little tighter, but not to the point that we were on top of each other. Although, looking at the Saturday lineup, this could absolutely change… Saturday is huge. We even had a chance to easily/quickly check out some of the “vendors.” Ya’ll are cool, except for the Ford people. Rude.


The bands

Friday was definitely set up for those who like it fast and hard. JOKES ON JOKES.

  • Portugal. The Man was the only exception to the aforementioned rule, but they’re always a good time and we discovered we casually know all the words. And, as usual, the crowd was super into them.
  • FIDLAR. My god. Within our first 10 minutes at the Piedmont Stage we watched 7 surfers get escorted back out. And wait, are people throwing shoes?! Honestly, I wasn’t really into FIDLAR’s recorded stuff but they are flat out fantastic live. They’ve got the same sound and antics as a White Reaper show but maybe amplified. If that is possible. For real though, incredible set.
  • Cage The Elephant brings the best crowds. And its pretty clear Matt Shultz is the reason for this. The man may be the best performer I’ve ever seen. Flat out.
  • PUP front man told the crowd there would be “less talking and more rocking.” They kept to that mantra. BTW THEY’RE GONNA BE AT ZBAR ON MONDAY, LET’S GOOO!
  • LCD Soundsystem finished up the evening with a set that infectiously had people moving. This was my second LCD Soundsystem show and it marks two times where I felt motivated to prance around. I don’t get it, but it happens.

SO – it was a great Friday. But today is going to knock Friday’s little socks off. Until tomorrow, yall.

-Aubrey + Brittany

Band photos: aLIVE Coverage


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