Live Music Lou’s Can’t Miss: February 19-25

Sunday (2/19) – 

Ron Gallo, Voodoo Economics, BOA

THE LAST SHOW ON ZBAR’S ORIGINAL STAGE. While we are very excited to see what’s in store for the venue, we are a little sad to say goodbye to the intimate stage. (For real, look how incredible the space will be, but we’ll miss you bae)


Stephen Lynch: The My Old Heart Tour

This guy has both musical and comedic talent that he brings to all of his shows. Start your week off on a high note with him!

Monday (2/20) –

Hand Habits

This Vectortone show (originally at Zanzabar, but now relocated to Haymarket) will be EXCELLENT. Meg Duffy, the mastermind behind it all, will pull you in to her music and won’t let you go, so be ready.

Tuesday (2/21) –

Teddy Talks Classic Film + Music

So it’s going to be 68°, Copper & Kings is dope, and you get to hang out with the coolest music director of our very own Louisville Orchestra. Oh, and this is free. You don’t have any excuses to not attend.


The Return of Vinyl Night

It’s back! Vinyl Night is now taking place at Galaxie, and we hear there’s ticket giveaways to Vectortone shows? Yesss.

Wednesday (2/22) –

Black Violin

Wil Baptiste and Kev Marcus are so talented it’s unbelievable. Be prepared to sit in awe as these two blow you away by perfectly mixing jazz, hip hop, funk, and classical  with a couple of violins.

NOBUNNY w/Sick Velvet and Dick Titty Blood Punch

The back room at Kaiju might be taking over as one of Louisville’s fav small venues. Spend humpday there with these Louisville artists.

Thursday (2/23) – 

WFPK Jazz Live at Lola with The Steve Houghton Trio

We are making plans to get over to Lola eventually for this new weekly event. Gonna be feeling fancy AF.

Friday (2/24) –

ZZ Top

Where’s the really long bearded man emoji?

Jamestown Revival and The Record Company

These two bands definitely have that rootsy rock soul.

Bumpin’ Basement

Those drink specials and JP’s jams – what else do you want?

Loitering Around Turntables

Have you been to The Pearl yet? Now’s your chance.

Saturday (2/25) –

Here Come The Mummies

Last time they were in town, Mercury Ballroom sold out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens again. Sounds like it’s going to be funky party over on Fourth Street.

TLRS: Chasing Lovely

Nashville sisters Chloe and Taylor complement each other beautifully, and The Living Room will only add to that.

‘Close Encounters’ w/DJ Crizchin

Saturday Galaxie hangs. Because, duh.

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