House Party at The Palace

For me, Mac Miller is one of those artists that you hear in the background at a house party and bob your head to without really thinking much of. My feelings towards the Pittsburgh rapper changed to one of solid respect after seeing him live at The Palace.

I bought a Group-On set of tickets for some of my college friends and us to go kind-o drunkenly at Galaxie one night. We rolled in eight deep and joined the much younger crowd for an hour and a half of hand waving, (light-up) drink spilling, crop tops and fan-girl screaming.

Though the theater was far from filled, it didn’t feel like it at all. Every person in attendance was on their feet and fully engaged with Mac. Like I mentioned before, I can honestly say I am not the most familiar with his music but I was entertained nevertheless. My favorite take-away song was “The Weekend.” Miguel makes everything extra smooth.

Britt went and took pictures since I was with my Centre buddies fully enjoying the night, and she got some phenomenal shots of the evening. Check them out below!


Mac Miller

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