The Live Music Lou Weekly Preview: Seratones

COMMUNION IS BACK! We’re ready for this monthly series to get going again, and you should be ready, too. This is the perfect environment to see on-the-rise bands before they become a “name.”

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This week’s edition includes bands from all over the damn place. Allan Rayman is from Toronto, Mothers (check out our chat with them a few months back!) and White Violet are from Athens, GA, and Seratones hails from Shreveport, LA. Although it’s easy to be sad that there aren’t any local reps on this lineup, I think it’s safe to say we’re all excited about welcoming these bands to our town.

For this week’s preview we got in contact with Seratones, who immediately struck us as a wired, fast paced, gripping band. I mean, listen to this and you’ll understand.

Live Music Lou: So we read on your Bandcamp that your “goal is to make your musical experience replenish your faith in the power of Rock & Roll.” What about your music exactly makes this a possibility?

Seratones: What is the power of Rock & Roll? How can something so shaped by abandon manifest the styles unshakable, shatterproof, irreverent, irresistible? We’re not quite certain how it all works, but have a lot of fun trying to figure it out.

LML: The Louisville Communion residency is a dope concept and we love checking out artists on the bills. How did you end up getting involved this month?

Seratones: Luck, happenstance, and an awesome booking agent. Very excited to play with such great bands!

LML: We’ve found that much of a band’s sound or personality comes from their home. What about Louisiana comes through in your music?

Seratones: Shreveport is a landscape of strange juxtapositions. There are a lot of opportunities to make what you want because the city is a blank slate, constantly trying to reinvent it’s identity. In many ways, it’s just a big question—what can you get away with? We’re always asking ourselves that question, for better or for worse. In the case of music, it’s turned out to be for the better.

LML: We like hearing about who musicians are listening to – what is on your playlist these days that we need to make sure to check out?

A.J.: Los Zafiros – Bossa Cubana

Adam: Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin

Jesse: Ty Segall – Twins

Connor: Richard Hell & The Voidoids – Blank Generation

Join us this Thursday to check these guys (and the rest of the lineup) out. Get those tickets here!

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