I (sorta) love the winter

The November through February months are a sacred but crazy time for me.  These four months, also known as basketball season, have been an integral and part of my life for the 15 years.  Now as a coach, it is an even more intense span… who knew?  With that in mind, I find myself pretty mentally, emotionally and physically drained like 90% of the time.  So the notion of an evening at a show is both daunting and freeing.  This past Wednesday included two big ones though, and even with a game that night, I committed to the evening and wherever it would take me.

The January Winter Wednesday included piano-man Gabe Dixon and the angelic-voice of Brooke Annibale– it was about as perfect of a lineup as there could be.

Brittany could not stop raving about Annibale.  I unfortunately missed the breathtaking set (I was coaching some hoops) but apparently the musician’s look and sound were perfectly meshed- aka opening set magic. If you want more, you’re gonna have to ask Britt Rit, though- sorry.

Gabe Dixon held the second slot. While doing some preview work, Brittany discovered (and made the connection for me) that Dixon’s “Find My Way” opened up the Sandra Bullock movie, The Proposal. Pairing that with FPK’s consistent play of his new stuff, and I actually felt pretty familiar with the artist coming in. Still, I was blown away by his live performance. I played the piano for like 30 seconds of my life… Okay like 6 years… But watching people with such ability on the keys like this man is always unreal. To my dismay, we had seats on the opposite side of his piano, so we saw his face but not his hands; I’m fairly certain that the view from the other side was mythical.

We were extra interested in seeing what the deal was with All Them Witches, so we split and headed to Zanzabar. Here are a couple of major takeaways:

  1. Their fans are pretty intense because it was damn near impossible to move into any sort of viewing position.
  2. ATW are tight. By this I mean they clearly are all masters at their craft, but play very well together as a truly cohesive unit.
  3. This will be a Forecastle set to see.



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