Absolutely delicious.

We’d heard Son Little‘s “The River” on WFPK countless times, and I knew he had a new album, but other than that I went into this Zbar, Thursday night show with few preconceptions.

What I discovered was a very multi-layered artists that covers so many genres and styles of music, that it is impossible not to be captivated. It’s like that strange desert (I’m thinking of the one from Doc Crow’s that has bacon in it and is sweet, salty, savory, chewy, melty, gooey all at the same time) that is so complex but hard to point out the individual pieces that come together to make something freaking delicious. Anyway, my experience with Philly’s Aaron Livingston was very similar to this.  His soulful voice, blues guitar segments, crafty rhythm elements fused together into something I really liked, although it was hard to separate the pieces in the moments of the show.  Son Little’s sound is one that I think adult-aged music fans (aka like not 19) would very much enjoy because of the detail involved.  My childhood best friend’s step dad is a musician and I made sure to pass on Son Little as a suggestion for him.

Add in one of our favorite Louisville duos, Discount Guns, and it made for a pretty dope night.


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