Those young things

Since I’ve crossed the threshold of being closer to 30 than I am to 20, I’ve done a lot of self reflection and honestly struggle with the idea. AKA, I feel really old more often than not these days.

The twenty-somethings came out for this Wednesday night show at Zanzabar. And apparently that twenty-something in me was drawn to this show from the start (even though I’m on the other side of that little hill). I remember seeing The Districts show pop-up on Do502 when it was announced, and although I know very little about the band – aside from last year’s “4th and Roebling” – I immediately pegged it as one I wouldn’t miss.

Their sound seems to be hitting hard with fans their age, mainly because of the youthful exuberance they display. I’m pretty sure that these guys are barely able (if at all) to enter Zbar as regular patrons – 21, at the most – but nevertheless, their young guns are flexing. Although they are young, they produce some outstanding stuff. The raw ferocity that they perform with reminds me of the Whigs a bit. Each element of their performance just exudes energy, showing how much fun they have every time they face the audience. The crowd seemed to match this as everyone I could see was grooving and pushed all the way up to the stage.

There were several local twenty something musicians in attendance, including Lazy Sunday members and potentially a Dr. Dundiff sighting. This is not surprising, as these artists are certainly sprightly. Good for me, though, I think I can still hang.


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