A smooth, sensuous evening with Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive, made up of 4 extremely talented musicians, returned to Louisville Friday, their second time in town in less than a year. Last September, the band put on a phenomenal show for WFPK’s 2014 Waterfront Wednesday finale, drawing one of the biggest crowds the series has seen.

Friday, I was selected as a lucky Louisville Public Media supporter to attend their in-studio performance. It was casual and intimate, a special chance to experience the group’s talent up close. They chose songs written by each member of the band to highlight each of their personalities and musical strengths. Usually these member-only shows take place during the middle of the day – with a teacher schedule, that makes it hard to attend. Fortunately, I was able to hit the pavement as soon as the students did in order to catch the 3:00 start.

A sold-out Headliners was nearly packed to capacity when we arrived later that night, and we were there early. Well, early for us – as in, before Lake Street Dive took the stage. Our friends at Headliners, as always, took excellent care of us, ensuring that we had the best view in the house for the entirety of the evening. Rachael Price stunned the audience yet again with her sultry voice (and damn cute outfit), while Bridget Kearney rocked a side pony as she slapped the hell out of the bass. Mike Olson alternated between the trumpet and guitar, demonstrating pure excellence of each instrument, and Mike Calabrese‘s facial expressions as he beat the drums kept us all entertained.

Lake Street Dive‘s studio recordings can certainly stand on their own, but their on-stage presence puts this band over the top. This is a band that, any time they are in town, I will be at their show.


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