An organic & electronic drum combo helps Milky Chance stand out

Even though we had a music junkie’s dream weekend, and were pretty worn out, our streak was set to continue. We literally jumped off the plane, showered and got ready for this highly anticipated show: Milky Chance was in town for a sold out event at Headliners.

Milky Chance has certainly gained notoriety for their synth-pop sound – “Stolen Dance” was an international hit and overall, their album Sadnecessary has been postively reviewed. The duo consists of Clemens Rehbein handling the vocals and guitar while Philipp Dausch DJs and provides percussion. The newest addition of Antonio Greger on harmonica and guitar added a lot to their live performance. The rustic instrument gives the group’s already distinct and recognizable sound something else, not to mention we all got to hear a few epic harmonica solos. The beat for nearly all of their songs follows a similar pattern and is created from a combination of organic drum elements and electronic ones. The electronic drums often play a conga-like sound, which gives a certain, unique indigenous feel to their work. Overlap that with the constant guitar strumming and Rehbein’s distinct voice, and Milky Chance certainly stands out.

Thinking about the visuals again – I’m on a roll with that for some reason – they had large stone pillars for their set. The native element of their sound works well with their pre-historic stones in the background.

Although we had just seen these guys two days before at Shaky Knees, we weren’t going to miss Milky Chance on our home turf.


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