Genevieve shows her colors for KDF Waterfront Jam

The Derby festival shows, featured alongside the feasts at the Chow Wagon, are not something that we’ve partaken in before this year. However, the tracks WFPK had debuted, along with Kyle Meredith‘s interview, spoke to us about Genevieve’s talent and we felt compelled to attend her Waterfront show. The performance started later than advertised (perfect for us fashionably late arrivers), but Genevieve’s live performance was worth waiting for. Her fiery red and yellow hair matched the former Company of Thieves‘ lead singer’s vocal capabilities. She captured our attention and refused to let go throughout the Derby Festival show.

We overheard parts of her interview with WFPK radio host Kyle Meredith earlier that afternoon, where she discussed the spontaneity of the idea for “Colors” – it was outdoors, there were kids splashing around in a pool. When briefly talking with her after the show, it became even more apparent why Genevieve decided to create a song from this experience of simple pleasure – she was very down to earth and was into the realness of what was going on around her at the time. This authenticity is apparent in all of her songs, especially when she sang “Authority,” an anthem about the right to self-identify and be your own person.

I know it’s taken a while to post this, but this chick is worth it. She may not be that well known yet on her own, but Genevieve is making waves and will ensure that people hear what she has to say.

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