Pop, funk, soul, rap- Galactic brought it all

The first week of spring-like weather kept many people outside, rather than attending shows- us included.  I love this time of the year because my poor, practically opaque skin finally starts to see sunlight and I can paint my toenails with some purpose.  It was a light week for Live Music Lou, but things will certainly start gearing up as outdoor venues will now become a commonality on top of our usual spots.  Appropriately timed with this new itch for warmer weather, NOLA based Galactic came to town and turned up the heat at Headliners.

Our Louisville.com weekly preview post said Galactic would get you ready for this warmer weather, and they certainly did that, as everyone was dripping in sweat at the conclusion.  And I say that quite literally:  this group can really jam and bring that desire to dance out of you, making capturing pictures of both band and crowd difficult. The funky, Cajun adapted sound is heavy with brass (trombone and saxophone carrying many songs) as well as some truthfully soulful vocals and even some harmonica blasts and rap solos.  Their music is definitely collaborative, with no single member taking center stage, and each had the opportunity to showcase their talent at some point- it is not that often you see a bassist getting their own stage for an intense solo.  From what I’ve gathered, there hasn’t been a true lead singer for years, but the group invites different artists to join in their songs. Erica Falls was the voice we got to enjoy and she was quite a treat- a New Orleans native herself, she meshed perfectly with their sound.

We are making a road trip at the end of school to visit some friends out west, making a stop at Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas for Wakarusa.  Galactic will be playing two sets during our stay, one on their own and the other with Macy Gray leading the vocals end. These outdoor performances are sure to be magical ones.


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