A stacked night for 25

A weekend night with multiple stops is becoming a common occurrence for this duo.  Throw in a quarter century celebration and we most definitely will be gallivanting around the city.

First stop:  Bermuda Highway continues to impress crowds with the caliber of Louisville-established acts they are bringing through their doors. The show was well advertised but a large part of the crowd seemed to be tied to both acts- lots of hugs and greetings were taking place throughout. This made the tight store-room, full of young, local music fans feel even tighter.

Howell Dawdy, aka Lydia Burrell, aka Alex Smith, has had a lot of play (i.e. Fire Extinguisher and Beautiful Love fearturing Matt Myers of Houndmouth) on WFPK, particularly by head honcho Kyle Meredith.  It is clear that this guy is multi-faceted in his talents.  The spoken word piece of Howell Dawdy is different and very clever.  The sometimes almost satirical nature of his lyrics, though certainly comical, is also thought invoking, which I am sure is the goal of the artist.

Fresh off of their widely successful stint with Houndmouth, Twin Limb returned to Louisville with loads of friends and fans to greet them at Bermuda. This time we were not stuffed in the back of the venue (no standing on tip-toes this show) and could really see everything going on during Twin Limb’s set.  Lacey Guthrie geared up with literal bells on her feet, Maryliz Guillemi’s drum set up was deliberate for her petite frame and Kevin Ratterman brought up the back with his multi-instrumentation.  These sounds are very intentional- you hear all as they play- but you may miss out on actually seeing them if you’re not front and center.

Second stop:  Public radio really loved Hiss Golden Messenger last year.  Their 2014 album, Lateness of Dancers, was on pretty much every “best of” list created by WFPK DJ’s and David Dye et. al. at World Cafe were always playing the recent release.  MC Taylor and Scott Hirsch are the backbone of Hiss Golden Messenger, with musicians rotating through the group, based on where the band is located primarily at the time. Taylor’s voice is distinctive and the musicianship from the rest of the group is exceptional.  Speaking to several band members after the show, this desire to play is what has brought them together.

Third stop:  I want that DJ’s shirt from Zanzabar.


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