MMSB gives us a little bluegrass fever

Everyone knows the midwinter blues – spending the time wishing for hot weather, clear blue skies, and music-filled festival days. I think specifically of ROMP, especially back to the summer of 2012 when we had that major heat wave that started the weekend of the festival. I may not be able to make time fly by faster, but I did get a taste of the bluegrass fever a few weeks ago at Zanzabar when The Misty Mountain String Band took over. They picked and crooned their way through two sets, getting the crowd in a dancing kind of mood. Afterward, we talked about ROMP (they share the love for the festival, too) and they graciously rounded up the whole band for a photo. I do hope they get a shot at ROMP in the next few years. They fit right in with the vibe of the festival, and being based in the same state, they bring a little local flavor. The band also has some upcoming shows around Louisville – in February, they’re playing Kentucky Homefront, and in May they’ll be featuring at the Mayor’s Music and Arts Series. I expect to see these guys doing big things in the near future.


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